Is there any form of formal education for Forex traders?

As far as I know, there is no formal degree that specific Forex. However, there is a certification program that measures the expertise in many aspects of finance, which is associated with a lot of things involved Forex trading. I refer to the Chartered Financial Analyst, or CFA shortly. The curriculum of most of the CFA program covers topics such as ethics, quantitative methods, economics, corporate finance, financial reporting and analysis, security analysis and portfolio management.

It should be basic training in order to qualify for the CFA qualification. In many schools, on and off the Internet, offering the CFA exam curriculum.

Although this would go a long way to help you understand the mechanics of forex trading, it is far from complete, and does everything possible to be a good merchant to know. However, many forex related companies are in favor of the candidates who have the CFA qualification. That is probably where the most possible sense if you plan to come up with a Forex broker, Forex or some other activity.

Many experienced traders, however, we recommend a special Forex courses that do not come with certification but they call it, is much more space with regard to Forex trading and analysis. An excellent program that has a lot of positive feedback Peter Bains Forex Mentor program that is worth checking out. In fact, even if you decide to go to the CFA certification, it may be a good idea to go at the same time Forex Mentor program, the CFA studies. Since the CFA program covers more ground, this is after all a general idea of ​​the different elements involved in the financial analysis. On the other hand, the Forex Mentor program and other similar Forex training programs that are specifically for forex trading and study them at the same time, while trading demo account would give a much higher caliber of education and training as a student or one of them themselves.

Never underestimate the value of the Forex demo accounts to education. Forex trading what is important in life. There are so many different ways to analyze the market and during the & # 39; s good to know most, if not all, eventually you need to focus on only a few analytical tools, as is the use of too many devices to slow down trading and will result in missed opportunities due to overanalysis. Thus, the program will show the unique Forex basics of different analysis tools. The CFA on the other hand provides you with the knowledge necessary to analyze the basics effectively. All in all, it must be equipped to take a basic and necessary technical equipment stock of forex trading course. Then use a demo account you are able to select and refine the tools of choice for analysis as & # 39; able to come up with your own, personalized, and efficient trading system.

Forex trading does involve a bit of learning, but the great thing is that you are able to instant gratification in the sense that you are able to see the connection between what they learn what & # 39; doing or intend to do a commercial wise.
You can also watch a coach, mentor or counselor. here is a good article I found on the Internet to look up the benefits that someone can help (I hope it's okay to copy here …)

[1945901million] Why Are Using a Forex Mentor

made it possible for beginners Forex catapult themselves to the exciting world of currency trading, but currency exchange is not guesswork, and beginners are usually not successful off the bat. Like any other Forex trading requires training and know-how. Consider the following reasons why you should use a Forex mentor, tutor or platinum training solutions to improve your trading skills:

knowing Unknown

When trading currency, or any other commodity, it is certainly encounter strange-looking graphs and charts. Platinum Trading Solutions says that non-formal education, you will not be able to properly interpret the daily feeds of information that could damage the ability to make informed trading.

Meet Resources

Forex trading, you need to regularly consult a list of critical resources. If you do not feel comfortable in the act of graphs, probabilities, Investopedia, Forex news, Forex Daily FX Forex blogs Symbol Table, historical currency exchange rates, and so on.

More Patience and timing

The most important and difficult aspect of trading, when to buy and sell. Novice buyers often sell their excitement, whether it is proper timing. Forex Trading Solutions Platinum A mentor can teach patience you need and show you how to recognize the right time to buy and sell. Keep in mind that this is an art form, and precision is critical.


As a novice trader, you're going to get frustrated. Nobody successful Forex overnight and many obstacles to get through in order to be successful. The mentor, tutor platinum training solutions to help get through the tough times, and ensure that the light at the end of the tunnel.

Save Time

For those looking forward to this rich quick Forex, save yourself the time and effort to learn the hard way. If you go it alone Forex will certainly make a lot of mistakes, the path to success, and that is fine, but it will cost you valuable time. The training will bring a mentor or platinum solution through those barriers is expected by the bugs (and the costs associated with them).

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Best Forex Trading Price Action Indicator – Shift Theory Ratio Analysis Price Action

There is a new category of technical analysis is available in the Forex trading market. It is called Shift Theory and this new technique is based Shift proportions break down the three main chart section:

  • Choppy markets
  • We picked up markets
  • picked up down markets

Shift Theory We always leave important data rates and ignored in mind the data that is responsible for false signals and noise. Shift Theory commercial approach works better than any other form of technical analysis because it is primarily a science price analysis. Most technical analysis focuses on today's closing price as the main data to analyze. The main problem is that the final price is a moving target. Many traders do not realize that such indicators should be treated no different than measuring devices. When it comes to measuring the cost of stable data to get an accurate reading. I like to use the example of trying to weigh yourself on a scale. If you keep jumping while you try to weigh yourself, it almost imposable get an accurate reading. This is exactly what the final price is not. It changes every time there is an uptick or down tick and it will change the reading of most of the indicators, and the results of a lot of noise and false trading signals.

Shift Trading ratio is based on the undeniable facts about the market trends. Some examples:

  • The prices in the table can only go higher if they make a new high.
  • The prices in the table can only go lower if they are at a new low.
  • Choppy markets and bars, it has a high percentage of overlap.

Dealer Shift Theory for money excellent tool for traders to keep disciplined and sticking to a sound commercial principles. Such as we will discover in addition to reading and indications Shift gear with three types of market conditions:

  • Choppy
  • he picked up
  • downward trend

When the choppy market conditions, the internal rate of shift of the plot, which measures these types of market conditions. What's Inside Shift Ratio doing, to measure power bars percent overlap with the previous band. All choppy markets, a high percentage of bars overlap. It is easy to see from the graph, but most indicators simply can not measure these types of conditions because they are based on the closing price.

If the upward trend of the market, the higher the ratio Shift Indicator, which measures price changes for a particular type. Up trend markets a table in the bar to be higher highs and it is an undeniable fact upward-moving markets.

markets identified in

Lower Shift Ratio of the index, which measures the strength of the downward trend. This again is based on the undeniable fact that the markets downward to lower lows in order to go lower.

At the end of these techniques work, and proof testing the rear. The dirty little secret is showing a lot, really does not work and this is why no one is willing to show the test results. So if you want to find the best Forex trading signal, you need to take a look at the ratio Shift Theory. If you want a consistent and proven results, traders must focus on the important data, and ignore the data that is responsible for noise and lag.

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Quick Ratio How to Calculate

Liquidity ratios measure the unit & # 39; s ability to meet its financial obligations in the short term, that is a measure of the company & # 39; s liquidity. In layman's terms, this means cash or means by which to realize cash easily. The short-term here refers to a period of 12 months or less. The two most important indicators of the current liquidity ratio and quick ratio. The latter is defined as a more stringent measure of liquidity because it omits any element outs of the current assets and current liabilities in the slightest illiquidity.

Resource Shortage:

– Weighing the company involved in the study

– Notes the financial statements, if required

calculation steps:

Consider first of all the current assets in the balance sheet. Depending on the discloser in the face of the bills, you may be able to investigate the break-up notes in current assets.

2. Restricted cash. may deduct the total of current assets & # 39; limited funds. & # 39; Such non-cash immediately, since certain legislative or other burdens.

3. The stocks. learned from the & # 39; stocks. & # 39; The accumulated liquid salable goods can only put one ad. Therefore, they are not readily realizable, as and when required.

4. Prepaid expenses. Other accruals subtract from above. Although accruals are tools that suggest some definite future outflows have been met, they can not be converted into cash if needed. It is extremely rare that an advance refund of the cost of doing business with third parties.

5. When you arrive at the & # 39; Quick Tools & # 39; which are typically cash, cash (securities) and receivables / debtors.

6. Consider the total current liabilities and breakup.

7. Overdraft. overdraft Subtract the total short-term liabilities. Overdrafts are drawn against the line of credit, which typically extend over a one year period, and are often renewed upon expiry. More or less, these devices will become a permanent source of funding. As is common practice, the overdraft is not called up demand, adding an additional level of durability.

8. You get fast liabilities that typically claims / creditors of short-term debt Long-term income tax payable and accruals different types.

9. The final calculation formula to arrive at the relationship

Quick Ratio = Quick Tools / Quick Resources

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Complicated stock trading

Not all investors who participate in a real-time trading on the stock exchanges, the BSE and NSE are equipped with full knowledge of the market. Many investors can only invest blindly and if profits shower, it can be considered an investor & # 39; s fortune. And if regular feature of losses, the investor exit the stock market scene. To buy stock, the investor should follow the simplest trading point of view, strategize trading plans, consider the pros and cons of a particular stock, it will change the market trends, and so on. Only then can the gains will continue to enjoy very little or negligible losses. As an investor, you can not confirm that the losses have not gotten it. This is a part of the dynamics of the stock market.

did not have the big money to start trading on the stock exchanges NSE and BSE stocks to buy. A small investment will do wonders. It is said that the water droplets have the ocean. Similarly, some money in his pocket, and the corresponding trading strategies, you can make your mark on the stock market. Most traders have learned through trial and error method, but it would prove risky. By the time you learn the nuances of trading, you will end up losing a large amount of your hard earned money. The concept is undoubtedly true is to follow, but there must be a certain limit to it. And this limit can be met only if it is equipped with the basics of trading knowledge. As a novice investor, you can register as a uploaded trading platform. to open a trading account, you can access information on all stocks, including stocks technical analysis. You will get all the necessary information that will help you take the right trading decisions. You can get tips on how to buy stocks, get stock technical analysis and related insignia.

Investors now includes all classes and both sexes gentries, which includes housewives, teachers, students, office managers, entrepreneurs, among others. A computer or laptop and access to high-speed Internet connections are the tools that facilitate online trading of BSE stocks and NSE shares in India. There are also commercial software is available; Investors who participate in stock trading seriously invest in bulk use the software. And you need a trading account, ie DEMAT account should also be involved in the trade exchange. You must deposit enough money in your trading account; all transactions are handled by the broker, who charges a minimal fee every year or every trading. When you buy stock, the amount will be transferred automatically when the profits of that amount is credited to your account.

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Why Price King

price is king when it comes to market. Of course, there are many different ways to evaluate the company and the different methods each have their advantages, but the price as the Company continues to provide the most accurate buy and sell signals.

More than any fundamental factor in all oscillator or any random graph price is still the king of the world stock market. An up trend is still upward trend in the stock, as long as people panic and start to sell. The downward trend in the stock continues to trend down until something happens.

In addition, the patterns, which historically was the price companies such as chart patterns, and candlestick patterns continue to occur and over again. People are after a predictable way. They were calculated in the same way as there was such a thing as the stock market. Trading patterns in price allows you to take advantage of this.

It also allows you to cut your losses short. Let's look at prices he can find the key levels of support and resistance, once broken can mean a big step. This makes it very easy to figure out where to place stops and targets.

This is not to say, price is the only thing you have to watch when trading stocks. There are a lot of other indicators that are worth checking out as well. Volume shows how many people are traded throughout the day. A strong rise in low turnover may indicate a trend is not strong appearance.

other indicators such as oscillators and financial indicators can be a good secondary indicators. Let's look at a few different things normally work best for a particular security. But at the end of the day the price is what matters. No money based on how much debt the company, or what is the oscillator does not; Based on that money, which sold the stock and where you bought it. The market is as simple as using simple price patterns, it & # 39; and a perfect combination.

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The importance of Stock Market Analysis

First-point stock market analysis is extremely important if you want to be able to predict which way the market will move. This requires a technical analysis that examines price movements and trends. This is mainly looking at price charts and carry out a chart analysis. There are many ways to use technical analysis, candlestick charting as the Elliot Wave Theory, or the Dow theory. The differences are fundamental analysis and technical analysis is that the former is looking at the facts on the market, currency or commodity company. Technical analysis looks only at price and volume information tables found.

When the stock market analysis, say that you look at the history of the stock & # 39; s commercial activities, you will find all the relevant information. This is because the price action pattern is repeated as a result of investor behavior. Technical analysts believe that prices trend directionally. This may be all the up, down, flat or a combination. A series of lower highs and lower lows would be a sign of decline. A candlestick chart is the best way to get this information. Many technical analysts in the candlestick charts, because the trends quickly and easily when looking at the chart.

information in different formats charts. An Open-High-Low-Close Chart and OHLC bar chart shows the span between high and low prices over a given trading period as a vertical line. The opening and closing prices appear small horizontal ticks off the vertical line. The ticks on the left side of the open price and the close price of the ticks is right. The candlestick chart is similar to the OHLC chart, but you candelabra-shaped images. The upper and lower ends of the candle shown in open and closed price of the stock. Color is used to provide further information. If the black candle, indicating the stock price closed lower than the open. If a white candle can be seen, it means the stock closed higher open.

While the tables are a common practice, it is not the only source of information that technical analysts are limited to the stock market analyzes. Let's investor sentiment survey provides valuable information that investors are feeling bullish or bearish. With this information, you can see that if this trend continues, or if the reverse occurs. Many analysts go beyond the purely technical analysis, and look to combine with other market information. For example, John Bollinger said term rational analysis of the intersection of fundamental and technical analysis.

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Analysis Doc Love & # 39; and the system – the dating dictionary

Doc Love (aka Thomas Hodges) is an internationally known dating and relationship coach for men. It comes from the knowledge and wisdom in which more than 10,000 pregnancies last 35 years, and as a basic question of why women choose to leave one guy and stay in the other. She also interviewed several people that there & # 39; Naturals & # 39; in this area, and I never concern and leadership of women.

Doc Love & # 39; and a thorough analysis of the information gathered, discussions culminated in four volume work:

  • SYSTEM – The dating dictionary
  • Mastery I
  • Mastery II
  • Mastery III

SYSTEM – the dating dictionary is the basic course that sets the foundation for all else. If the student (played by Doc Love refers to the & # 39; Spartan-In-Training & # 39;) is fully internalized, you can move on to the advanced mastery series.

SYSTEM – The dating dictionary covers certain concepts and components involved in the dynamics of any relationship. Some of them are as follows:

interest rates: As every location in the real estate business, a woman & # 39; and interest rates all the dating game. Interest rates (short-IL) basically refers to how strongly she is attracted to you.

When the IL tall, he makes everything easy for you, do not do anything to make you happy, and always find a reason to be with you. On the other hand, when the IL is low, he will start to make some interesting excuses to not be with you. Interest Level is a dynamic factor and the man & # 39; s actions will determine that rises or falls.

= How difficult a challenge this woman to win you over. If you just flip an attractive woman, then a zero challenge him, because to do anything to win you over! Instead, if you set your standards higher and expect not only physical attraction, but also the appropriate respectful behavior, honesty, integrity and a flexible attitude, you will need to work much harder to win you over. In the latter case, you & # 39; display more challenging.

Confidence: These two sub-components – self-confidence and self-esteem.

= confidence How strongly do you believe in yourself. Although it is possible that & # 39; fake until you make it & # 39; a true confidence comes from product knowledge of life in general and women in particular ….. and the demonstrated ability to use the same.

= How would you rate yourself-esteem. This is where it is important to say no to a woman from time to time, especially if you know that he is asking for something that would compromise the integrity. Women often try this! But if you keep it below ground on such occasions, she IL rise. On the other hand, if you give, she IL drop.

Control: It consists of three parts – Patience, self-discipline and Self-Control (note that this does not refer to the control of a woman, which is actually impossible!)

The 3 C & # 39 ; We mentioned – Challenge, trust and control – the steel masculine traits that call for a woman & # 39; and interest rates. A man must be exercised to raise all of them together with the woman & # 39; and interest rates. If his interest level decreases, it is very likely that he is missing out on at least one of the three C & # 39; s.

If a woman & # 39; and interest rates will rise more than 95%, it is never a bad eye! And this is where you need to make in order to have a happy relationship. However, there are still a number of masculine traits velvet that you need to practice in order to get to his level of interest is high. They are: love, respect, romance and humor.

If you do not practice these traits velvet, her interest level is reduced.

Doc Love & # 39; s SYSTEM – dating DICTIONARY focuses more on long-term relationships than short-term flings. And in order to have a happy relationship that lasts for life, Doc Love teaches that apart from assessing a woman & # 39; and interest rates, you also need to assess your attitude.

To be more precise, you can date her interest level, but married Attitude.

As a woman & # 39; s far as attitude, he must make the following non-negotiables

  • It should be self-sufficient
  • He must be a high self-esteem
  • He should have a flexible nature
  • I must giver
  • He must integrity, which is loyalty, honesty and reliability.

Note that it is possible for a woman to have a very high level of interest in you; but if you have a lousy attitude then you just end up reducing the level of interest in his long-term. And it can make you miserable, especially if you are stuck in a loveless marriage.

Doc Love & # 39; s SYSTEM – A DICTIONARY dating teaches that when a woman & # 39; and IL goes below 50%, you can not bring her back. So the connection end for all practical purposes. However, while most men would leave the connection when IL drops below 50%, women usually wait IL drops below 40%, because the breeding character.

And it takes a long time …. perhaps more than 10-20 years for this to happen (that is, interest rates will fall to 49 % to 39%). But this time, it is almost zero chance of reviving attraction for you. A relationship develops rut, and yes, you'll be taken to her incessant nagging, arguing and temper tantrums disrespectful behavior in general.

But if it goes below 40%, he has already built up enough anger and hatred towards that compensates for the nesting factor … and as a result he will be very vicious! This is when you hear a lot of people falsely accused of rape, abuse, or domestic violence and sent to prison on false charges! I & # 39; You must have come across at least one male friend went through this ugly ordeal. Quite a scary thing what ?!

So if you want to avoid visiting a vicious anti-male members of the family court; or shelling out truckloads of cash to become a lawyer; or you lose your hard-earned money and the house is a vicious ex-wife; or lose custody of your children; or lose your common sense in general, you need to equip certainly an excellent knowledge of women and dating.

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Use the distortion indicator helps to Day Trading

What's a 30-minute showing bias and how to use it? What is the bias Indicator (BI) based on the distortion indicator is basically the opening share price range will be analyzed: How to select stocks trading tactics Entry Stop Loss settings

The distortion indicators of the time and price. The time element is simply the first X number of minutes of the trading day. to determine the number of minutes used to bias the decision indicator as a trader. Determines the bias ratio than the first 30 minutes of the trading day. I found this period to work the best for my creating strategies for day trading.

I will focus on the 30-minute BI because I believe that this is the best time frame used for day trading. I believe that the market tends to experience time spent around 10:30, as many reports appeared about 09:30 to 10:30 Fund managers also seem to start their day on at this time. Thus, the BI 30 minutes include both these factors.

The BI component of the price of the day & # 39; At the end of the trading range and BI period. This means that the BI is defined as the stock for 30 minutes & # 39; and the high and low of the day 10:30

The BI is not the opening price. In fact, the opening price for the calculation does not factor in BI. For example, if you were to open BHP $ 26.49, then sell the $ 26.06 at 10:15, then reverse and rally $ 26.86 10.30 BI would be 30 minutes a day & # 39; s 10:30 or range $ 26.06 – $ 26.86. This is because the 30-minute period BI was $ 26.06 and $ 26.86 BHP & # 39; and low and high, respectively.

Note: You said the day & # 39; 10:30's range, not the province of the day.

The simplest way to specify the use of display distortion an intraday candlestick chart, 30 minutes interval. The first full candle, and then set the bias Indicator range. Draw a line from the top of the candle and one on the bottom of the candle, and today & # 39; BI and marked on the map.

As you can see, defining BI easy. The 30 minute BI necessarily high and low, the first 30 minutes of trading. I realized that BI often reveals the bias of a stock the day.

Why such a strong indicator of bias?

The fact that the view of such informative BI period means that often determines the distortion of the day as bullish, bearish or neutral. The BI means that the bulls and bears up to their original position of the sun. Detachment BI indicates that one side is stronger than the other. The above set of mobile BI: the prevailing mood of bullish stocks. The way in which the stock breaks above and is trading above the BI indicates the strength of the bullish sentiment. The same but opposite analysis applies when a stock moves below the BI.

In a step BI indicates that the stock is weak and the bear out of control.

How to Use BI to help us in our day to day trading or short term?

The most basic use of BI principle is that if a stock is trading above the Bias signal will have a bullish bias, and when Bias index during trading you should have a bearish bias.

Commercial break out any outbreak of BI is a simple concept, but there are some considerations to take care of, and some tactical trading approach should be taken into account.

As set trading plan before you enter a trade must recognize the stop loss point. This is where you will exit the trade if the stock moves against you. The loss, which is expected to arise when you leave your stop loss point of "risk". As the cash management, the position size based on this risk calculation.

we have established a set price for a given stock, and have drawn the line on our chart 2. Of course, all good intraday chart, I IG Market charts the easiest to use.

Note: For the purpose of trading, I prefer to use a 5 minute chart.

Let's take a look at two practical commercial approaches to BI.

first initial breakout Buy Buy retracement second after the second time.

What is a breakout? It is defined as the eruption when over the entire five-minute candle on the top line of the province.

First approach: Buy early break

access to the market at this stage the most aggressive approach because it does not allow any form of reinforcement to the stock & # 39; Pause and resume above the resistance level. Perhaps the most promising stocks to be maintained for this strategy. However, they also have the advantage that in many cases, the lowest entry point.

This strategy, I would like to see the eruption, accompanied by a large amount, over the 5 minute chart. The stop loss should be set on the bottom line of the province, it is drawn after 30 minutes. I believe that it is best to an automatic stop loss because it avoids any emotion.

However, many times you will find that the 30-minute bottom line often determine the risk levels that are too high. There may be a range of, say, a dollar is too high to be a fair risk / return ratio. It is the case, we recommend that you use based on the specified stop level of the market, say, a moving average level, or the level of support. If you can not find a station level to ua pretty good risk / reward probability, it may be better to miss the trade and look for a better option.

So, to summarize the first approach: Buy the initial volume breakout Watch your stop loss Pass to trade when the risk / reward ratio is not good enough.

The second approach: Buy a retracement after the second eruption

This tactic can meet the more conservative trader. Here is your chance to evaluate how well the stock broke out. We can see that the stock is trading above the BI. If this approach you are looking for the market to create a new retracement after the breakout. As the market shows that a new outbreak occurs, you can buy a kit retracement level under arrest.

The advantages to be confirmed and retracement to have more information before you enter the trade. It will not be stopped for a stock that is not immediately next to erupt. The downside is that not all acne retrace. You may of course not miss the best opportunity to make a stock offering on that day.

There will be a lot of opportunities everyday. Be patient and get the appropriate time determined by the risk. Do not take trades late, because you feel as if you're going to miss.

Many times we find that the stock retraces or move sideways until later in the day, then suddenly erupt again and give a good trading opportunity, perhaps during an afternoon rally.

In summary, the second approach: Wait Wait initial breakout retracement Buy a second breakout Be patient, often with the second eruption occurs later in the day.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me. | E-mail:

Now we need to expand on this subject is looking at first selection in refining stocks to buy second entry point 3. how to set a stop loss

Ok, let's explore how to select stocks.

I recommend that you create a watch list of all the files could be interested. You can explore many avenues to find interesting stocks.

Most CFD stands show the most traded stocks of the day. It is always good to choose a high traffic stock. IG Markets biggest daily stock changes, presented the final price,% change and volume. This is a very informative resource. If you open an account with IG Markets my website, I offer one month free advisory service to help you to get used to the platform and refine our activities.

You should also watch out for the latest news. I recently managed a few good trades in Asciano, after reading a series of news about the company.

Select stocks with high volatility, as they will give you the best chance to make a profit on the trading day, but it should be a good stop loss. We'll discuss a little later stop loss. How do you define the high volatility? Simply divide the daily average trading range (ATR), the stock price to one percent. The higher the percentage, the more volatility.

For example, BHP, s / p 26.4, ATR 2.02, volatility of 7.65%. AIO s / 1:55 p, 0.371 ATR, the volatility of 23.94%. A huge volatility, good chance to make a profit, but also dangerous not a good stop loss.

I made myself an Excel spreadsheet where I can quickly evaluate volatility.

You should also look for a bullish signal. I always prefer stocks that have the same or slightly higher than the previous day of trading & # 39; s close. The previous day & # 39; and often a large area of ​​potential resistance, so when the stock trades above this high is a bullish signal.

In summary, the selection of shares: o Create a good watch list and check every day. o Scan files to find news on the news. o A list of the biggest changes every day or similar, check how fast you move. o Look for stocks over that of the previous day & # 39; s high. This is a bullish signal.

He said to buy the initial breakout or buy retracement after the second time. When we enter the trade?

volume one of the most important indicators to look for. The outbreak is not much volume does not say much. If you want to buy in large quantities in the initial outbreak that such outbreaks. I also think it's a good idea to wait until the full range of breakthrough five-minute candle settled above.

If the volume does not exist, you wait for a retracement and buy the second time.

be able to buy before the stock price reaches a breaking point? In many cases you can, but only when the volume increases. Sometimes it will be a great opening price, followed by a rapid retracement. This is sometimes followed by a rapid growth in this high volume. This may be a buy signal, but once again, it should be ensured that the volume is strong.

as an analysis of each sample, you do not always find that all the criteria are met. You must be able to identify quality trading opportunities based on the criteria and the good commercial tactics to take advantage of the opportunity. For example, if a stock shows a bullish picture is relatively large quantity and high volatility, it is possible that a candidate with a more aggressive strategy of buying the initial eruption.

If the stock does not show good volume or lower than the previous day & # 39; s closing price, will be more cautious and wait for the second outbreak.

Avoid stocks that do not present an easy to identify trading opportunities. There will always be other opportunities.

is set to

Stop Loss

Set stop loss is essential. Before you enter a trade, you should know your stop loss point. This is the price at which you will exit the trade if the stock moves against before you take your profits. The loss, which is expected to arise when you leave your stop loss point of risk. The risk will determine the position size.

The low range of BI is the most logical area of ​​resistance, so the point to set your stop loss. However, they often find that it gives me very great distances and the risk reward ratio just is not there. There are some ways to raise your stop loss point and so reduce the risk of professions and find a better risk reward ratio.

in the two graphs I Exponential Moving Average (EMA) lines, one to 15 times, and the other seven times. Remember, I use the 5 minute chart of my shop. The 15 EMA line is good enough to use, unless the stock price waves very quickly. In this case, we use the seven EMA. Always use a trailing stop loss to lock in gains, closing up every 5 minutes, of course, never going backwards.

Which method you use to set your stop loss will always depend on your risk tolerance.

Very often, if the trade rise sharply after a good result, I quit again see table flattening out. This helps to opt for a decent profit, but often I found that the share price retraces a bit and then move higher.

In summary, stop loss techniques: o The low range of BI EMA 15 o o o Exit 7 EMA if the graph flattens when a good result.

Remember, trading 70 per cent to 30 per cent in science and art. You have to use your experience and intuition all the time. Most of all, you should be able to cope with some minor losses.

Attempting to Bias Indicator, you will find profitable.

If you want to subscribe to my fortnightly newsletter, please email me the subject system "newsletter".

This advantage is to look for a good mentor helps to keep the way of learning. If you are interested in my website, where you can find a good (I hope) and affordable mentoring program. I may be able to help you.

Just email data. Do not miss this opportunity.

Happy Trading


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Market Forecast Secrets for traders and investors

market forecast for the science and art of determining in advance when the market is likely to change direction and include the likely duration of the expected move.

Market analysis about the current price data and the application of technical analysis and / or fundamental analysis in order to determine what the market has done and what he is doing now, and may not contain market forecast.

If the market forecast is included to the extent it is then highly variable analyst to another. The methods of forecasting can be as simple as preparing for the crossing of an indicator line or a reaction to the outbreak of some level of resistance or as complicated as you predict the very time when the market is likely to change direction (new trend direction, and start / end of the trend correction).

The projection method in the analysis of price data is very sophisticated and, of course, is protected. The science behind the work is based heavily on mathematical market cycles. Market cycles roadmap for future price direction and the likely culmination of a move to a new one.

There are different approaches to analyzing price data cycle footprints. These cycles are themselves moving averages and oscillators (indicators) tracking seasonality, and even the monitoring of different planetary bodies and the effect it has on the ground (products and psychology).

The trader and the investor can do a bit of market projections, without having to really dig deep into the technical aspects that I use for customers. Here are some suggestions to help you determine trends and expected duration to get started.

Let's start with the weekly price chart.

The weekly price chart where the price band all in one trading week, look for the beginning of a new step. This means that you have a clearly defined swing top or bottom, if you start in a new direction.

In general, prices tend to change direction in the Fibonacci points in time. For example, although three out of a possible turnaround later, and five bars later than 8 and so on. If you are not familiar with Fibonacci, there is a lot about this subject.

Remember that not only can you do this every swing up or down clearly defined, but that they overlap. For example, you might note that the weeks 8 weeks of a previous top / bottom or three weeks, the last top / bottom.

never expect accurate count of the time. If you count 55 weeks out of the previous top / bottom, it is possible that this may be occurring Week 56. In fact, it may not occur. keep these pitfalls in mind.

The most important is to have a & # 39; period & # 39; You can focus on a possible turnaround. Then turn on the daily chart and look for evidence of a possible trend change, such as indicators, overbought or oversold and that perhaps you are looking to reverse. You can also apply the time-count approach the daily chart and look for clustering within a week time frame to analyze. Grouping when two or more scorecard same period different from the previous upper and lower parts on the basis (one or two days). They want to watch periods.

help so many valuable market forecasting techniques to help predict future market turns. I have 12 effective ways my book Secrets of market forecasts. By Market Forecast to chart analysis, you will be ready at the right time to take up new plans for trades or exit existing trades. Another big bonus is that it helps to reduce the risk exposure as there is no better place to enter the trade as close to the beginning of a new step.

Source by Rick Ratchford

The oldest commercial strategy is the best trading strategy

Price action is the oldest strategy in the world of currency trading. It & # 39; and the type of trading methods of technical analysis. It seems ridiculous that the old strategy will be unknown to many. Ask some of today & # 39; New merchants and at what price action, and & # 39; ll look at you blankly. Some have heard about it, but you can practically guarantee that no one will know how it works.

The modern forex market is basically run by robots. Indicators are used, which tells you when to buy and sell, impressive reliability. The trading community will surely be lazy.

The main, this method is very simple. He says that the current trends and predict, as prices move in the near future. When the stock market opened for all traders use this method to buy and sell. Jesse Livermore was a legendary trader in the early twentieth century and is the only system I have ever used price action.

Why has changed so drastically? By a majority of indicators to trade, the whole thing has been handed a lot more complicated than it should be. Traders seem to really forget how to analyze markets.

The new traders entering the market brainwashed these wonderful inventions that money for you. They had never heard of it, but when the bank accounts are empty due to mechanical friends, we hope that they do.

So dump the indicators, price action to study and become a real trader.

Source by Anu Bhatia